Aug. 16, 2020

Watchmen 1X09 See How They Fly

Watchmen 1X09 See How They Fly

Hello everyone for the finale of their coverage of HBO's Watchmen listen as Jay and Zena discuss Ep.9 "See How They Fly"

*Adrian in 1985 records his message to future President Robert Redford

*The Origin of Lady Trieu

*Adrian has a face off against The Game Warden and leaves Europia 

*Lady Trieu and Senator Joe Keene wants Dr. Manhattan's powers

*Adrian has too save the world for the second time

*Nite Owl looms all over the series by way of his technology

*A Very powerful reunion between Angela and Will where it all began

*Thoughts on the final shot of the series 

and more


A New


Little Dragon  

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