Jan. 29, 2021

Jay Movie Talk Ep.190 Tenet

Jay Movie Talk Ep.190 Tenet
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"I'll see you at the beginning"

For Ep.190 I decided too talk about Christopher Nolan's mind-bending espionage thriller Tenet.

*Thoughts on John David Washington role

*Opera House Siege is intense action

*First half o the movie plays somewhat like an spy thriller

*Sir Michael Caine role is more important then we think

*Kat and Sator have a strange relationship

*Theory about The Protagonist and Kat 

*The Red/Blue Room scene kicks the movie into a different gear

*Kenneth Branagh is a madman in this movie 

*Thoughts about The Two Neil's 

*Thoughts on Elizabeth Debicki 

and more


The Plan 


Travis Scott

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