Nov. 21, 2020

Jay Movie Talk Ep.182 Young Guns II

Jay Movie Talk Ep.182 Young Guns II

"I'll make you famous"

For Ep.182 I'm joined once again by Jeff from JeffvsTheWorld Podcast as we discuss Young Guns II and much more

*What exactly is a Tenderfoot

*The Cast here  has a different energy than the original

*This is clearly a sequel that wasnt supposed to be

*Thoughts on William Petersen 

*Arkansas Dave wanted to be internet famous

*Thought's on the Lynch Mob scene

*What happened to Jenny Wright

*Jon Bon Jovi's cameo

*Doc really had Billy's back until the end 

*Billy really just wanted to hang with his friends and not get away

*Do you believe Bushy Bill Robert's story

and more


Blaze of Glory


Jon Bon Jovi

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