Nov. 16, 2019

Jay Movie Talk Ep.140 Over The Edge(1979)

Jay Movie Talk Ep.140 Over The Edge(1979)
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For Ep.140 I continue my troubled youth flims as I talk the 1979 teen drama Over The Edge   *Thoughts on the Planned Community concept *What did these people think would happened with nothing for kids to do. *Thoughts on Michael Eric Kramer *Carl and Ritchie were really best friends  *Thoughts on Claude and why he was so addicted too drugs and alcohol *The fake shooting scene *Thoughts on Matt Dillion *If this movie was made today   and more   Outro Ooh Child  by Valerie Carter     @jaymovietalk @thejaygiles @tvzone_podcast thanks for listening   all episodes are available on Stitcher, Apple Podcast, Castbox and more. have feedback, comments and suggestions email us at --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.